Net Bag made in the USA
    $26.95  "Patent Pending"  $26.95
There seems to be an issue a lot of people have while feeding livestock. What to do with the net or string when feeding hay? The answer is the "Net Bag". It can attach to many locations on different types of tractors for your convenience. Heavy canvas material with heavy mesh bottom for drainage, and an easy quick attachment ring. Color will be carhartt brown and will vary. Call or e-mail us today to order yours on our "Contact Us" page. Apprx. bales- holds 10 nets and or 20    strings.
                                                        This will
                                                       allow you to
                                                       keep haying
                                                       stopping as
                                                       often, and                                                               keep your
                                                       fields clean
                                                       and tractor