The Double J Ranch is owned and operated by Jay and Shawn Dennis. We are a 4th generation commercial cattle ranch that is commited to the QUALITY of our Full Blood Operation. 
  We made a transformation to Lowline Cattle  in 2005 when we realized the benefits that Lowline cattle literally brings to the table. We are a 100% Full Blood Operation running two main herds which keeps us from inline breeding. All of our stock is ALR Registered/ DNA Tested Full Bloods.
  Compared to other cattle we have raised, I have found this breed to be much more manageable with a docile temperment that is unmistakable and enjoyable for the entire family! They are low maintenance, cost efficient cattle that can generate greater profits per acre.
  All of our cattle are 100% grass fed year round with our coastal hay for the winter months cut right here on the ranch. Since Lowlines can finish on pasture their beef is eligble for most natural or health conscious programs. They also yield a higher portion of desirable cuts of meat than most cattle.
  Lowline cattle offer easier management, calving, reduced production cost, higher stocking rates, and increased retail beef yields.
  Our Ranch is committed to its customer satisfaction and most importantly we enjoy what we are doing here with the Lowline Cattle. This is not a hobby for us, we are a full time working ranch.

   The Double J Ranch is located 1 hour West of Fort Worth Texas.
   Please explore this site to learn more. Call or email us to learn more about our Full Blood Lowlines. Thank you for visiting us.

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